Buddi 3.4

Buddi is a personal finance and budgeting program (See all)

Buddi is an open source program specially created for people who don't have much experience in organizing personal finances, and want to register common transactions in order to manage the accounts in a clear and easy way. This small application is designed to make those tasks easier, and is perfect to get a real idea of your personal finance.

The first thing you have to do is create your own account, and later register your transactions of debit and credit. While the balance is positive, you will see everything in color black, but if something is in red, it means you have to be careful.

On the main window you will see three important tabs: 'My accounts', where you will see all your accounts with details, 'My budgets', where your income and expenses will be displayed by month, week, quarter or year and 'My reports', where you will see detailed reports of your income and expenses with statistical graphics. In the last section, the program is able to generate graphics according to the data of a determined period of time.

Besides, another good feature of this program is that you can increase its functionality by downloading plug-ins from the Internet.

To sum up, if you are looking for a simple yet easy-to-use program to help you with your personal finances, then Buddi is a good option to try.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • There are at least 15 languages available
  • There are many plug-ins available for downloading


  • It crashes sometimes
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